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What Does the Advanced Edition of the Player Do?

The Advanced Edition of the DanceMaster Player adds a few nifty features to the Basic bag of tricks. These include:

Remote Control
When you are teaching a dance, you can select, start and stop music from the dance floor using a shirt-pocket size remote control, as you can with a a mini-disk system. Unlike a mini-disk, however, you can also change the volume of the music and/or cues, change the speed, "skip" forward or back in the music by 10 seconds at a time, set & jump to bookmarks.

Scrolling Cue Cards
You can have DanceMaster Advanced keep track of your place in long or complicated dances - it will scroll the cue card and highlight your next cue for you. Even better, you can start the music at any point by selecting a figure on the cue card and clicking "Play".

Dance Logging
Each time you cue a dance, DanceMaster makes a note of when and where it was cued, and how many people danced it. That means that it can then tell you :

  • When you last cued a given dance for a particular group.

  • When and where you have ever cued a given dance.

  • What dances you are doing a lot (overdoing?) or neglecting at each place.

  • What dances you have ever cued for any group

  • What dances you did on a particular night.

  • How many people typically get up for a given dance at a given place.

You can also tell DanceMaster Advanced to remind you to review certain dances every so often (so the dancers don't forget how to do them).

DanceMaster Advanced includes a timer that you can use to time refreshment breaks and keep the dance flowing.