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Methods of Recording
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How to Use DanceMaster

This is where you find the answers to all sorts of "How do I...?" questions.

The overall process for using DanceMaster is:

  1. Get DanceMaster and install it on your computer(s),
  2. Get your music (in the form of MP3 files), and your cue cards (as RTF files), onto the computer, and
  3. Link them all together in the database.

Use the links on the left to get more details. The general description of each section is below.

Requirements - Just how much computer do you need to run this wizard? See Requirements..

Manuals - "The Bible". Just about everything there is to know about DanceMaster, organized into "How To" and Reference sections, to make it easy to get the information you need. See links to manuals on the left.

Tutorials - These will take you step-by-step through the process of setting up and operating either the Player or Audacity. See links to tutorials on the left.

Recording Music & Cues - How to set up the Windows Volume Control for recording, how to connect equipment, about Left / Right chanel music/cues recording, how to create voice (cue) files and how to synchronize them with the music. See links on left for specifics.

Setting Up at a Dance - How to connect your laptop to other equipment at a dance. More about setting up for a dance..

Remote Control - How to set up your remote control to use for teaching and cueing. See links to remote control on left.

Karaoke Cue Cards - If you want the Player to keep track of where you are in the dance for you, you will need to time the cue card. It's easy. More about Karaoke cue cards on the left.