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Synchronizing Voice and Music Files

The secret to synchronizing voice files is that for each dance, DanceMaster remembers an "offset" - a difference in starting times between the music and voice files. Either file can start first. If you record introductions for your dances, you will want the voice file to start first. If not, you will want the music to start first.

Let's assume you have recorded an introduction for this dance. We will further assume that you have already "attached" the music and voice files to the dance in the Dance Details screen.

  1. Play the voice file by clicking the "Start Cues" button. The offset timer will start incrementing. At the point that you think the music should start, click the "Start Music" button. The offset timer will stop.

  2. As you listen to the music and cues playing, use the "Cues EARLIER" and "Cues LATER" buttons to adjust the offset until it is correct.

  3. Stop the music and cues (using the "Stop" button), and test the timing by clicking the "Start Both" button. Make any further adjustments that might be necessary, and test it again. When you are satisfied, CLICK THE "SAVE" BUTTON.

That's it.

If you don't record introductions to your dances, you will want to start the music first. Otherwise, the procedure is the same.

Once the initial offset is set here, you can adjust the timing on the Play screen, too.

I told you it was easy!