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Setting Up Equipment For A Dance

At a square dance, you connect the Line-Out (or Earphone Out) connector of the laptop computer to the Line-In connector on the turntable.

Older Hiltons don't have a marked line-in connector, but on a 75 the connector at the left side of the front panel works well. On a 300 you have to use the 1/4" connector behind the tonearm (just remember to unplug it before the caller tries to play a record).

Plugging into an older Hilton usually works much better if you use an impedance matching transformer (such as Hilton's "Signal Booster") between the computer and the turntable.

Set up equipment at a dance uisng DanceMaster Software.

At a round dance you don't need a turntable. You can plug the computer and microphone into a smaller amplifier and use a standard speaker, or you can plug the computer and microphone into a mixer and use a pair of hi-fi multimedia (computer) speakers that have a built-in amplifier.

For more information see Hilton Recommended Hook-Up for Recording and Recommended Hook-Up for Playback.