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Choosing a Dance Using the Select Dances Screen  

This is the Select Screen - where you choose a dance to play, to add to a playlist, or to update.

Select dance screen in DanceMaster Software for Round Dance Cuers.

This example shows "All Phases" and "All Rhythms", selected. Choosing a specific phase and/or rhythm in the upper left of the screen would, of course, cause only dances of that phase and/or rhythm to appear in the list.

Note that there are three columns for "Rhythm", because many dances have more than one. "A Taste Of The Wind" would appear in the list if either Two Step or Rumba was the selected rhythm, because it contains both.

The tabs at the top of the dance menu determine what information is shown for each dance.

The colors of the dance names indicate how frequently we are cueing those dances for this particular group.

The buttons on the left take you to other screens where you Preview/Play the dance, work with the Playlist (Dance Program), Add / Edit dances, check the Dance Log, etc.

The area between the navigation buttons and the dance menu shows some of the details about the currently highlighted dance, and the checkmarks to the left of the dance name indicate which dances are in the current playlist. We can add a dance to the playlist by simply clicking in the checkbox.

The hot pink "Hot List" button indicates that there are dances that are due to be refreshed for this group. Clicking on that button would open a list of those dances, where we could easily add them to the program.   (See below)