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What Does the DanceMaster Player Look Like?

See what the DanceMaster Player looks like and get an overview of how the screens function. Click below to see the screen shots.

Select Dances is the "menu" of all your dances. This is where you choose a dance to play, to add to a playlist, or to update. Also where the Advanced Edition shows you when you have done each dance in the past 6 months.

The Playlist screen allows you arrange the dances you have selected into a balanced program. You can shuffle them as you please, check the details of any one, remove those that don't fit into the program, insert markers to indicate breaks (or square dance tips), and save the program to your hard disk. With the Advanced Edition you can print the program, too.

The Dance Log (available in the advanced edition) will show you what dances you cued, and when and where you cued them. You'll probably be surprised at how handy this is.

The Play / Preview screen is where you read the cue card, set the playback speed, set bookmarks, adjust the voice/music balance and - oh, yeah - play the dance.

The Dance Details screen is where you add new dances to the database, or make corrections and other changes to the existing ones. The small cue sheet display is there just to confirm that you have the right one attached, NOT to cue from!