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Use a Remote Control
(Advanced Edition only)

Using the X10 remote control, you can adjust the volume of the music, the cue volume (or balance, if you are using "stereo" cues), you can turn cues on or off, select a dance from your playlist, "skip" forward or back 10 seconds at a time in a dance that is playing, turn voice introductions on or off, jump to a bookmark, or change the playback speed. So far. It may develop more talents as time goes on.

To use the remote control, enable it on the main menu screen and select "Control" or "Signal" mode. In control mode, when you press a button on the remote, DanceMaster performs whatever command is requested, For instance "MUSIC, UP". In Signal Only mode, instead of performing the command, DM flashes a signal to the cuer on the Play screen, such as "Music UP please". This way the cuer can get feedback from an assistant across the hall without giving up control of the Player. No more frantic waving of arms to try to get the cuer's attention!

Enable a remote control device in a PC. Each time you press a button on the remote the mode indicator should flash green. If it doesn't flash at all, the remote is not communicating with the computer. If it flashes yellow, DanceMaster Player doesn't understand the code. Make sure the House Code and Bank (1-8 or 9-16) are set correctly on the remote. If they are, you will have to go to the Remote Configuration screen and teach it the code set you are using.

Most of the remote control commands need two button presses - one to set the mode, the other to specify the command. For instance: to turn the music up you will press "MUSIC", then "UP". To select the third entry in your playlist, you will press "PLAYLIST", then "3".

X10 Remote Control Device for DanceMaster.
Some modes, including "Cues", "Music", "Speed", and "Skip" are "sticky". That means that once you press the mode key, subsequent "UP" or "DOWN" presses will continue to work in that mode.

The X10 remote works a little more slowly than we would like. When you press a button, you have to wait about two seconds before pressing another one. This is because the remote sends each command at least 5 times. (It wants to be SURE it was received, I guess.)

When you press a button, the light on the remote goes on, and stays on while it is transmitting. When the light goes off, you can press another button.

The button function layout we use is shown here. You don't have to use this arrangement - you can assign any function to any button you like using the Remote Configuration screen. This is the arrangement that DMP "knows" right out of the box, and there is a template you can print and label your remote with in the DanceMaster folder on your disk (Remote Template.BMP).

MUSIC - Sets the Music Mode. Then press Up, Down, On, Off.

CUES - Sets Cues mode. Then press Up, Down, On, Off.

VOICE INTROS - Turns voice introductions on or off if Voice Cues are on. Press this, then On or Off.

PLAY FROM BOOKMARK - Press this, then a number from 1 to 8 to start playing from that bookmark. (Must be stopped first.)

SKIP - Sets Skip mode. Then press Forward or Back (the blue Up or Down buttons) to jump by 10 seconds in the dance that is playing.

PLAYLIST - Sets Playlist mode. Then press a number 1 - 0 (10) to select a dance from your playlist. Or press "Up" or "Down" to move to the previous or next dance in the playlist. Then press Play.

SPEED - Sets Change Speed mode. Then press UP or DOWN.

ON - Also #1

OFF - Also #2

PLAY - Start playing the current dance. Also #3.

STOP - Stop playing a dance. Also #4.

CANCEL - Cancel the current mode. Also #8.

Remember that you must wait until the remote finishes transmitting (the light stops blinking) before you press another button. Otherwise the second button will be ignored. (Except for the blue up and down buttons at the bottom of the remote - you can just hold those down.)

Configuring Your Remote...