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(Advanced Edition only)

One way to get the remote control is to purchase it directly from You will need the CM19A receiver ($50) plus one or both of the HA12A Palm Pad transmitter (18 functions) ($20) and/or the KR22A Credit Card transmitter (8 functions) ($20). The direct links are below. You will want to have your speakers turned OFF if you go there.

Because I hate sending people to - it feels like a slightly sleazy corner of the Web - you can get the remote directly from me for the same price. And if you order the white Palm Pad transmitter from me, I'll even include the labels for the buttons.  You can log in and do that HERE.

You will need the CM19A Receiver, and you should get the HR12A Transmitter if you are going to be teaching, because you will want the functions it provides. The small KR22A Transmitter is handy because it fits easily and unobtrusively in a pocket (the HR12A will squeeze into a shirt pocket, but it is hardly unobtrusive). However, there are only 8 functions (plus up/down) available on it, which will be severely restrictive if you are using many bookmarks.

Just to make your life easier still, there is a template that you can print to use for the button labels you may have to experiment to get it to come out the correct size on your printer. I recommend using MS Paint (it comes with Windows) to display and print it - it is a very simple program and doesn't try to resize the image. here.