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Configuring a Remote Control
(Advanced Edition only)

This screen is where you tell DanceMaster Player which receiver you have.

If you have the USB receiver (the CM19A):

Set up a remote control for DanceMaster Software.

If you are using the USB receiver (CM19A), simply plug it in, select CM19A, press a button on the remote, and confirm that you get numbers in the box on the right side of the screen when you do. (The light on the CM19A indicates that the computer is transmitting, and since DanceMaster has nothing to say to anything else, that light won't light.)

If you are using the serial reciever (MR26A), you have a slightly bigger challenge. Configure the serial port (see the manual), connect the receiver - either directly to a serial port on your computer or through a serial to USB adapter - confirm that the red light on the receiver is lit, and press a button on the transmitter. Note that if you are using Microsoft Vista, you may have a significant challenge in getting a USB to serial converter to work.

Because the remote uses radio waves, it is possible for another cuer in adjacent hall to inadvertently operate your copy of DanceMaster. Fortunately, you can change the remote to use one of 30 different code sets. DanceMaster Player lets you pre-define up to three different code sets for each type of receiver, so you can switch easily if you need to.

The X10 Form button takes you to the place where you can teach DMP new codes. (Be sure you have the Receiver / Code Set combination you want to work with selected before you click that button.)

If you are likely to find yourself teaching a dance at a festival or a weekend, you might want to set up an alternate code set or two now, BEFORE you start your teach and find that someone else is controlling your computer! The next page shows you how.

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