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Recording Music and Cues in Separate Files

Here is how to do it:

Hook up to record music and cues in separate files.

  1. Connect your music source to the computer's line input. This will usually mean using a cable with a 1/8" phono plug on one end (the computer end) and an RCA plug on the other. The RCA plug connects to your Music-Out jack on your round dance turntable when you are recording music, and to the Voice-out jack when you are recording cues.

  2. Open the sound editor in your computer and record the music; edit the file as necessary. (Here's how to do that using Audacity.)

  3. Save the file. (i.e. Paper Moon.MP3)

  4. (Optional) It is helpful to plug a pair of earphones into your computer's output jack at this point, so you can listen to the music, but it won't be picked up by the microphone.

  5. Open a new, empty file in your sound editor. Start recording.

  6. Play the music file you just recorded using Media Player, Winamp, Music Match etc. or even DanceMaster. (You should be able to play it by just double-clicking the filename in Windows Explorer.)

  7. With the music playing and the sound editor recording, speak the cues into the microphone. You will probably have to adjust the recording volume - if so, after you have it set correctly, discard this voice track and start over.

  8. Edit this new voice file as necessary to trim the silence from the beginning, adjust the volume, remove that sneeze, etc.

  9. Save the new file (Paper Moon II Cues.MP3) in the DanceMaster Voice Files folder.

  10. In DanceMaster Player, in the Dance Details screen, attach the music file and the voice file to the dance.

  11. Synchronize the two files (Here's how).