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The DanceMaster Porter

The Porter is an optional tool for dealing with Dance Modules.

In DanceMaster, a dance consists of some music, some cues, information about that dance (phase, rhythm, choreographer, etc.) maybe a voice cue file, and perhaps a full cue card too. When you want to move a dance from one computer to another you can do it by copying each of those files from the correct folder on one machine to the correct folder on the other (and re-entering the dance information) or you can use a Dance Module.

A Dance Module contains one or more complete dances - all the files and data - in one file, which the DanceMaster can import into your computer and have ready to play in a few seconds. The Player can create and import Dance Modules that contain one complete dance.

What the Porter does differently is to let you easily select a bunch of dances and put them into one Module. There is no practical limit that I know of to how many dances you can put into a module, except maybe the amount of memory in your computer, the space on your disk, and time you have to devote to it. My computer can bundle 100 dances in about 4-5 minutes.

The Porter also lets you choose which components of the dance(s) to include in the module. If you don’t want to include the voice file or the karaoke timing, that’s fine. If you don’t want to include the information about the record, and where you store it, just un-check that box. Not a problem.

By the same token, when you open a Dance Module with the Porter, you will get a menu of the dances inside that module, and the option of choosing which dances and which components to import into your database. You checkmark the ones you want, tell it whether to include the voice files and other components, and click “Go”. Poof! The new dances are in your database and ready to play.

The Porter can, of course, read Dance Modules that you created in the Player. If you use the Porter to create a module with several dances in it, the Player will still be able to read it, but it will only be able to see (and extract) the first dance in the module.

The Porter isn’t free – it costs $50, and it will work only if you have a registered copy of DanceMaster. It doesn’t matter whether you have the Basic or the Advanced edition, as long as it is registered.

You can get the DanceMaster Porter here.