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What is The Porter and How Do I Get It?

The DanceMaster Porter is a computer program used by round dance cuers to transport DanceMaster "dance modules" from one computer to another. For more information on the Porter...

Porter Requirements

In order to use the DanceMaster Porter, you must have a registered copy of the DanceMaster Player installed on your computer. It doesn't need to be the Advanced Edition, but it does need to be registered.

What does the Porter cost?

I will ask you to send me $50 to register the Porter, and it won't work until you do so.

Get the Porter

You can download it by clicking here, or for an additional $10, I'll send it to you on a CD. (You'll still have to register it, though.) 

Delivery via:

Or, you can send a check (drawn on US funds, please!) to:

Clark Godfrey
520 Battle Front Trail
Knoxville, TN 37934