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Planning Your Evening Using the DanceMaster Playlist

The Playlist is where you arrange the dances you have selected into a balanced program. You can shuffle them around as you please, check the details of any one, remove those that don't fit into the program after all, insert markers to indicate breaks (or SD tips), and save the program to disk. (Or load a previously saved one.)

(Scroll to the right if you can't see the "Dances Done Tonight" column.)

Use the playlist to plan an evening of dancing.

This example shows that we are part-way through the pre-rounds at a square dance. The checkmarks show which dances have been played. The red arrow indicates that "B-B-B-Burnin" is next in the queue. The "-------" markers indicate breaks for square dancing.

We can skip dances by moving the "Next" pointer, we can do requests or depart from the program in whatever way we want, and resume it at whatever point is appropriate.