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When you want to plan your dance program in advance, you can browse through the menu of dances and put checkmarks beside the ones you think you might like to use. 

Each dance with a checkmark appears on your Playlist, where you can re-arrange the dances into the order you'd like to do them.   You can remove dances you don't need, add additional ones to balance the program, and put dividers in the list to mark the different parts of the evening (pre-rounds, break, square dance tips, etc.). 

You can save the playlist to your disk and re-load it when you get to the dance.

Use the playlist to plan a dance program.

When you are at the dance, you can load each dance to play in sequence by clicking the "Next In Playlist" button, then play it with the "Play" button - two mouse clicks per dance.   If that is too much work, you can have DanceMaster automatically play them by itself.

Of course, when you are using your playlist, you can also select dances from the menu to play at any time, so you can handle requests gracefully.

Notice in this example program for a square dance with phase II - IV pre-rounds, that a request for "Spinning Wheel" was worked in at 7:48 in place of "Sweeter Than You" and "Today" was the last waltz before the squares.   The red arrow shows that "B-B-B-Burnin" will be the next dance after the first SD tip.

A Playlist is also a handy way to generate a list of dances you'd like to cue to email to a  festival planner.  And, you can print playlists so you can post  the dance program at the dance or publish it ahead of time.