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What is DanceMaster?

DanceMaster Player is a computer program used by round dance cuers to select and play music at round dances. At it's most basic level it does about what mini-disks do for cuers - makes a broad selection of music very readily available at dances without having to carry boxes and boxes of records. Except that with DanceMaster, cuers don't have to carry boxes of disks, index cards, or notebooks of cue cards, nor do they have to look up which disk a dance is on and swap it into the player.

When we cue at a square dance these days, all we bring is the laptop and a microphone. (Of course, when we are doing a round dance or class, we have to bring an amplifier, speaker, stand, refreshments, etc. too.)

But replacing mini-disks is just the starting point. DanceMaster does MUCH more than that.

  • Do you ever have trouble figuring out what dance to cue next? Ever wrack your brain for a phase IV waltz that you haven't cued for this group lately? Ever wish you could remember just what you cued here last week? Or last month?
  • When you are teaching a dance, wouldn't it be nice to be able to mark a trouble spot in the music so you can go back and replay just that part?

  • How about starting the music at any point in the dance by just clicking on that figure on the cue card.

  • Imagine not having to remember to go back to part B, measure 4-12 (modified) after the second time through the interlude!

  • For that matter, imagine being able to watch the dancers, knowing that you can glance back at the cue card at any time and it will tell you exactly where you are in the dance.

DanceMaster Player can help with all those things and more.