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DanceMaster Player Previous Change History

Version 2.3 12/28/02
Added NOTES for Dances, Venues or To Do
Added Select Dances By Category
Added automatic database update if database file is an old revision
Improved database open error handling
Added status update on splash screen and main menu to help debug problems
Now jumps to music when cues are turned off during voice intro.

Version 2.2 - 10/12/02
Added HOTLIST of dances to be refreshed
Added "Cued Dances Only" filter in the SELECT Screen
Added user selectable colors for history
Added Voice File display on SELECT Screen
Fixed supurflous beep when filtering by phase using keyboard
Dance Detail - fixed bug in "Sort Dances" button - now changes sort property in recordset.
DanceDetail - fixed problem with # of "Plus" fields.

Version - 2.1 6/7/02
Allow forms to be enlarged, cue sheet (or dance list) grows accordingly.
Added remote speed control on the "0" button.
Revised parsing of remote control codes - allows autorepeat when buttons held down.
SynchronizePlayers - prevent multiply by 'space' when Offset not set.
Added limits on min size and position on form load to prevent "disappearing screens".
Suppressed MsgBox popups when remote command active.

Version - 2.0a - 6/8/02
Set hhctrl.ocx to self-register (caused installer lock-up)
Added link to msdbrptr.dll (error 713 when loading Select Screen)
Included updated msdxm.ocx (caused crash in Play Screen)

Version 2.0 - 5/28/02
Remote Control!
Separate voice file for cues.
Improved Bookmarks.

Version 1.0e - 8/8/01
Corrected registration form (again).

Version 1.0d - 8/2/01
Added index to Player Help.

Version 1.0c
Made msdxm.ocx "local" to correct problems introduced by compiling under Win2K.

Version 1.0b
Fixed registration screen:
Added license file
Added blank test on name & key

Version 1.0a
corrected missing installer file