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Playing Dances with the Play / Preview
The Play / Preview screen is where you can check all the details about a dance - read the cues, set the playback speed, set bookmarks, adjust the voice/music balance, and actually play it.   (See below.)

Play or Review Dances Using the Playlist Sceen  of DanceMaster.

The top of the screen shows the dance name and other things of interest, including your comments, the rhythm(s) (waltz, in this case), phase, choreographer, etc. This screen also shows the "plus" and other figures of interest, and is where you set the playback speed.

Looking at the sample we can see that Voice Cues are turned on, and the Voice Intro ("Answer Me is a phase III + 1 waltz, the plus figure is...") is turned off. We're about to workshop part B, so the figure "Spin Turn" in the second Part A has been selected, and that is where the music will start playing.

(The area below the cue card confirms that: "Play from" is Spin Turn, and the "Needle" to the right of that is positioned about a quarter of the way through the music.)

The "Next In Program" button has appeared, so we know that there are more dances in the playlist. Notice the separate volume controls for music and cues - this gives better control over the mix than a left/right balance control.

The buttons along the left side are the same in all screens, so it is easy to find the right button when you want it. In fact, that is why all the buttons are big and brightly colored - they are easy to find and easy to hit with the mouse. You have enough to think about on stage - DM tries to be as easy to use as possible.