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Karaoke Cue Cards
(Advanced Edition only)

DanceMaster can know where in the song each figure on your cue card belongs. This lets it do two really useful things:

It is easy to see that "Two right turns" is the next cue.

1) Keeps your place on the cue card.

Who has not had the experience of getting distracted while cueing and forgetting where in the dance the music is? Even if you know the music, and where the cues fit, it is easy to forget for a moment whether this is the first or second time through Part B.

DanceMaster can make that exciting feeling a thing of the past. It can highlight each figure in the dance as the music plays, when it is time to cue it. This means that you can watch the dancers, being confident that you can glance back at the cue card and know exactly where you are, and what the next cue is. The downside of this is that you don't get to practice your hash cueing.

2) Starts the music wherever you want.

You want to workshop a figure that is about 1/3 of the way through the dance. You have the dancers in position and ready to go. How do you find the right spot in the music? With DanceMaster, you simply select the figure on the cue card and click "Play". The music starts right at that point. You don't have to have set a bookmark in the file in advance.