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Hot List
(Advanced Edition only)

When you teach a new dance to a particular group, you want to remember to cue it every now and then, so the dancers don't forget it. But when you are adding new dances every week or two it is hard to remember to refresh the ones you taught 3 months ago, or even 3 weeks ago. So...

DanceMaster includes a "Hot List" button on the PLAY screen. If you click that, the dance on the PLAY screen will be added to the "refresh" list for the current dance group. You get to specify how often to refresh this dance, and you can set different periods (up to once every three months) for each dance in each venue.

Hotlist Screen of DanceMaster for Round Dance Cuers.

When there are dances due to be refreshed at the current venue, there is a... (what else?) ... hot pink "Refresh List" button that appears on the Select Dances screen. Clicking this button will open a list of dances that are due to be refreshed here, and from that list you can do several useful things. You can add dances to the playlist, play them immediately, change the refresh period, or remove them from the list. There is also a "Show All" button that will display the dances on the list that aren't yet due for refresh.

Of course, when you play a dance, it disappears from the hot list until it is due to be refreshed again.