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Dance History
(Advanced Edition only)

There is now a "Dance History" tab on the SELECT screen that contains, for each dance, a simple chart showing you at a glance what weeks you have cued that dance at the current venue in the last six months. For instance, if you cued a particular dance here last week, the week before, four weeks ago, eight weeks ago, and five months ago, the chart for that dance would look like this: XX_X___X______________X___ (Last week is the leftmost column, and six months ago is the rightmost. If you look again next week, all those 'X's will have moved one column to the right.) This sample chart shows that you have been doing this dance a lot lately and might want to skip it for a few weeks.

Dance History Chart

Select Screen Color Codes

An even easier way to pick out overdone and neglected dances is to use the color coding on the SELECT screen. The dance names are displayed in one of five colors, depending on how often you have cued that dance here LATELY.

Each time you cue a dance, it is assigned a certain number of "points". If you cue it two weeks in a row, it gets a lot of points. But these points "evaporate" over time, so a dance cued last week has more points than one cued two weeks ago. Dances with too many points are classified as "Overdone", and others might be "Frequently Done", "Medium", "Seldom Done" or "Neglected", depending on how many points they have this week. If that is a bit confusing (or makes no sense at all), take a look at it and play with it for a bit. It is a lot easier to show you how it works than it is to explain it. But it is very easy to use. You don't have to do anything - it happens automatically.

Since I know very well that you won't agree with my decisions about how many points is too many, or about what color is appropriate for each category, you get to decide those issues. At the top of the SELECT screen, you will find a color chart. Clicking the label beside a color (not the color itself) will open a screen where you can design a custom color for each category, and set the point thresholds, too.

In addition to distinct colors for each frequency category, the SELECT screen now shows dances that you have not designated as "Preferred" dances (in the DANCE DETAILS screen) in gray. This is so they don't stand out and catch your eye, and you don't waste time reading names of dances you aren't likely to want to cue. (You can change that color too.)