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When you are teaching a dance, you need to be able to start the music at several points in the dance: you want to be able to play just Part A, just Part B, maybe that tricky part just before the Interlude... you need bookmarks.

DanceMaster will let you set up to 8 bookmarks in each dance.

  • You can start playing at any bookmark, and stop automatically at any other bookmark.

  • You can set your bookmarks before the dance or on the fly as the dance is playing.

  • You can give your bookmarks meaningful names ("Part B" or "Natural Hover Cross") so you know two weeks later what the heck they are.

Karaoke Cue Cards make setting bookmarks especially easy: just select the figure on the cue card and press a function key (<F1> through <F8>) on the keyboard. That sets and names the bookmark with one keystroke!

When you tell DanceMaster to play from a bookmark, DM shows the name of the starting (and stopping, if any) bookmarks, and where in the dance they are.

And of course, you can start the music at any bookmark using the remote control, too.