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Change History
  Player Recent Changes
    Version 3.5
    Version 3.4
    Version 3.3
    Version 3.2
    Version 3.1
    Version 3.0e
  Player Previous Changes
    Version 2.3
    Version 2.2
    Version 2.1
    Version 2.0a
    Version 2.0
    Version 1.0e
    Version 1.0d
    Version 1.0c
    Version 1.0b
    Version 1.0a

Advanced Edition Updates and Downloads

Click on the red links below to download the corresponding files. When asked, choose "Save this program to disk". A directory window will open, asking you where to put the file. Unless otherwise specified below, navigate to your DanceMaster folder (C:\DanceMaster) and save it there.

Currently Available Updates
DanceMaster Player (3.5a)   7.3MB
This (relatively small) file will update your Advanced Edition to Version 3.5a. It will also upgrade your Basic Edition to Advanced.

Advanced Updater

The first time you run the new DanceMaster Player it may detect that your database file needs to be updated and offer to do it for you. If so, go ahead and let it.

Full Program
DanceMaster Player (3.5a)  

This is the full DanceMaster program, including all the samples and optional O/S components.  It is about 42 megabytes, so it might take a while to download if you have a slow Internet connection.  Once this file is downloaded to your computer, you can run it or copy it to another computer and run it there.  If you'd like, you can delete the installer file after you run it.

Full Installer  (42 Megabytes!)

 Player Help File
August 2007 - For version 3.3 and later Download Player.chm into your DanceMaster folder. It will overwrite your current Player.chm file (answer "Y" when it asks).

Remote Control Template
This is a printable set of button labels that you can use for your remote control.  You may have to re-size it, depending on what resolution your printer is set to.  You can do that using almost any decent graphics program, or even Microsoft Paint.  Or, you can use a photocopier.